Stop Harassment in the Workplace EducationHARASSMENT FREE WORKPLACE EDUCATION: 

Darling Communications provides employers with customized tools and strategies necessary to assist in developing and sustaining a safe and harassment free work environment. 




Diversity & Gender Inclusion Programs:

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We pride ourselves on developing customized programs that meets the individual needs of our clients. Our clients understand Diversity and Gender Inclusion are corporate responsibilities and priorities.





Becoming A Remarkable Woman
Dr. Lee’s signature seminar has transformed the lives of women across the country and has helped them understand the extraordinary feminine experience.

I Am The Greatest
A non-gender specific seminar based on the powerful principles of boxing. The seminar is geared toward helping participants understand the dynamics of enduring obstacles to achieve their goals.

Forecast: You can Conquer the Storm
This seminar provides attendees with the skill set to master life’s difficulties.