Many Want To Participate In Women’s International Day Strike, But Can’t

David McNew / Getty Images

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day and women all over the globe are showing solidarity by striking from employment. Women are asserting it’s “A Day Without Women”. Is it really? Can all women afford to strike? Considering the pay gap in the US gives me pause. Latina women earn 54% of what White men make; African American women make 63% of what White men are paid; American Indian women bring home 60% of what White men earn; White women earn 76% and Asian women’s wage gap is 90% of what their male counterparts bring home, respectively. Therefore, I would conclude that more women of color will be at work today. Other’s simply can’t afford to strike for fear of losing their jobs. However, I do applaud women who can participate. This is an enormous opportunity to bring attention to an important issue.