How Unequal Pay Impacts You: Share Your Story

The Capital’s steps are crowded with women donning RED. The message is women will no longer stand for less than EQUALITY. The wage gap impacts women throughout their entire lifetime. It shows up early as the inability to fund your retirement because you’re earning less and the funds are going to more immediate needs such as child care, transportation, insurance, food, shelter, and education, just name a few. Protesting is not enough! You can take action today! You’ve got to tell your powerful story to help raise awareness and change policies around gender equality issues for all women. Click <> to share your story, today “International Women’s Day”. 

Take a Sabbatical


Life can be wonderful, splendid and adversarial. When life is complicated over an extended period of time take a mental or a physical sabbatical. A mental sabbatical involves taking a few moments out your day to reflect on memorable experiences or perhaps a poem that brings you joy.

A physical sabbatical is exactly that. Plan a one day or extended vacation. Please do not take any work related materials or stressful thoughts on your journey. This is your debriefing period. Consider what will elevate your mood and expand your happiness. Browse through a book you’ve always wanted to read. Take a drive along a peaceful setting and just breathe.  Be intentional about your rest and relaxation excursion. Just do it.